Allen Ssimmons is a 46 year old albino coral rattlesnake. He is married to Mearada Ssimmons and the father of Quateroy Ssimmons. Allen is a employee of Thow N' Go junkyard and often finds "treasure".

Allen Ssimmons is the son of Girdleoff and Khora Ssimmons. He is the uncle of Antioch Ssimmons and the brother of Murdoch Ssimmons. Allen is also the grandson of Nickel Huan and Caroline Ssimmons.

In "Alebino" Allen is first introduced and lives in Alpine Hill, North Carolina. Antioch hates his uncle until the crew straighten him out. They create a campfire and start to tell stories that allows Allen and Antioch to bond with each other.

In"Alpine Hills the Deal" the whole episode is a recreation of the daily life of Antioch, but through Allen's point of view.



S4E16"Alpine Hill's the Deal"

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