Death or Grim Reaper is an annoying, depressed Grim Reaper from Seth Macfarlane's American TV Program Family Guy. Death has made a few appearances in The Outer Crew as the Grim Reaper when a character dies. In "The Quahog Crew" Death's death senses are messed up when he is sent to Joe after he is ran over by Brian and Hamlet when trying to receive his mail. Death also mistakes Brayden falling down the stairs as his death.

In "Alebino" Death is seen dragging off with a innocent's body after being killed by a snake killer craving for Allen's albino snake skin.

In "Alpine Hills the deal, The same snake killer is chasing after Allen.

In "Black Friday" Death appears after an angry mob kills one another.


Death is the only Family Guy character to become a permanent character on The Outer Crew.

Death's Mother is only on Family Guy.


S3E14 "Alebino"

S4E16 "Alpine Hills the deal"

S5E17 "Black Friday"

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